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Freedom Rains Healing Retreat

 July 15 - 17, 2022

Check In: 2:00 PM Friday, July 15

Check Out: 12:30 PM Sunday, July 17

Black Rock Retreat Center

1345 Kirkwood Pike, Quarryville, PA 17566

It is time, Christian women, to break free from the pain of the past and step into your purpose, power and destiny! This is a power-packed weekend filled workshops, ministry times and messages delivered by five renowned speakers.  Each speaker is a survivor of narcissistic or toxic abuse and has successfully broken out of multiple toxic patterns and carries a powerful perspective of change, transformation, taking power back and living in purpose and destiny. You will not want to miss this power-packed weekend! It is time to toss the toxic and take your power back!

Have you ever said any of these things:

  •  Why do I always attract the same horrible guys?
  •  I wish I could stop repeating the same toxic cycles over and over again
  •  I always feel like I am the one giving and giving and giving and no one ever appreciates me
  •  I am tired of being a doormat for other people
  •  I wish I could learn to say "no"

If so, then this retreat is FOR YOU!! Each and every one of the workshops, ministry times and messages has been designed with you in mind. You deserve to break free from these toxic cycles and break into power, purpose and freedom. Will you say "yes" to putting yourself first for the first time in your life? I promise you will never regret making this choice for yourself. You will walk away from this retreat with lasting healing and freedom that will help you catapult into the life you truly crave.



Ready to break out of toxic cycles and into your power, purpose and destiny?

This retreat is a MUST for all Christian women ready to break free from the pain and into their purpose

  • ALL ACCESS ticket to full weekend retreat
  • ALL meals included and hotel style accommodations
  • FREE gifts from each renowned speaker
  • Targeted healing ministry
  •  Connection, Community and much, much more

Meet Our Expert Speakers

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Lu Ann Topovski
Host of The Kingdom View, Author, Speaker, Coach

Lu Ann Topovski obtained her Master in divinity degree through Ashland Theological Seminary in 2007. She then obtained her MBA in 2010. She has owned two counseling centers and has published three books: "Rising Above - Dealing With Our Past, Making Way For Our Future", "Rising Above Modern Day Relationships", and "Your Moment Is Now". 

Lu Ann currently is a high Level Life Coach, teaches 12-week on-line classes, has her own YouTube/Rumble Channel, and is the TV host for The Kingdom View.

Lu Ann believes that as we do what God has directed us to do, we rise above our old ways and sorrowful patterns. As we allow God to work through us and guide us through trials and temptations, we rise above the natural tendencies of projection, and into the kingdom of God kind of thinking, which breaks negative patterns and strongholds. This in turn increases our emotional intelligence, strengthens our mental stability, and gives us spiritual maturity. As we grow in our relationship with the Spirit of God, that Christ in us, we desire to stay in step with the Spirit, and be who we have been created to be, and do what we are being guided to do by Christ. 


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Michelle Rene' Hammer
Counselor, Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker

Michelle Rene' Hammer, MS, LCPC, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Pastoral Counselor, BREAKTHROUGH Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker. During her time in college, Michelle was nominated and joined several honor societies including Psy-Chi, the National Honor Society for Psychology students and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society while completing a 2 year internship at Lighthouse Youth and Family Services graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Michelle then founded a mental health outreach program in Baltimore City for adults with chronic mental health concerns including an Intensive Outpatient After-Care Drop In Center. Subsequently, she established a number of community based mental health case management/psychiatric rehabilitation programs from the ground floor up for children, adolescents, transitional age youth, and adults in Anne Arundel County serving the Baltimore Metropolitan Area while simultaneously ensuring continued expansion of her clinical skills in a variety of outpatient counseling settings including Sheppard Pratt.

Subsequently, Michelle founded her own group private practice, Turning Leaf Counseling & Consultation, LLC. Turning Leaf's mission is to help every person who walks through the door unlock and realize their fullest potential by "nurturing the balance of mind, body and spirit". Services include Pastoral & Substance Abuse Counseling, Psychotherapy for Children, Adults, Couples, Families & Groups, Clinical Supervision, Peer & Business Consultation, Critical Incident Debriefings, Speaking Engagements and Trainings.

During COVID, Michelle added Crowned Courageous Coaching to her list of programs. Her mission is simply this: to come alongside struggling, Christian women STUCK in hurtful, even toxic, relationship patterns (with anyone) BREAKTHROUGH to healthier, happier connections FREEING them for abundant, JOY-FILLED lives. Her vision is to help them find what she calls their "God-Why" -The purpose for their pain.

In addition to being an Amazon International #1 Best Selling Author, Michelle is a contributing author for a number of local and national publications including Insider & Up-Journey, a regular contributor to The Daily, a devotional for Downtown Hope, and she's authored her own blog. A sought out motivational speaker, Michelle's message is one of hope for the hurting, delivered with wit, humor., and grace.

Currently the CEO of her organizations, Michelle lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband Dave, has two grown daughters and several grands whom she adores. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys music, writing, traveling, spending time with family and friends, dancing, and working out so she can keep eating Chef Hubby's amazing food. She also loves walking her dogs, boating, hiking or beaching it. You can often find her outdoors anywhere near, or better yet, on the water. Most of all she loves God who is her everything.


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Kelly Williams
Confidence Coach, Speaker, Author

Kelly Williams Hale is a #1 best-selling author, speaker, and leader. As a Confidence Coach, she teaches Christian women how to overcome the shame and guilt of past mistakes and embrace the gift of God’s grace. Using proven strategies and her unique gift of encouragement, Kelly equips her clients to become confident and courageous. She is passionate about helping women discover their purpose and become who God created them to be. You are invited to download her free guide: You are enough. 5 steps to slay self-doubt and start living your best life at

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Teresa Velardi

Speaker, Publisher, Author, Coach

Teresa Velardi is an author, publisher, host of Conversations That Make a Difference podcast, writing and performance coach, and potter.

 Michelangelo, the famous 15th-century artist and sculptor, has been quoted as saying, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” His job was to take away the excess stone to reveal the beauty within.

 Similarly, Teresa uses the art of pottery making to illustrate that each ball of clay, with the touch of the potter’s hand, can and will be transformed into a beautiful work of art. Through her coaching, Teresa guides her clients through the process of centering, molding, shaping, and walking through the fire of past and present challenges to effect positive life change as they gracefully and powerfully embrace the work of art they already are.

 Teresa found her passion and purpose through life's challenges while trusting God's plan for her. Faith in God, gratitude, and giving are her heart. Her abilities as a writer, editor, publisher, and coach are vital ingredients she brings to those who choose to share their message with the world either on her podcast or through her publishing platform.

 Her daily quiet time and writing practice keep Teresa focused on her God-given purpose as life unfolds in this ever-changing world. We all have a story to tell and a heartfelt message to share.

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Mandy Leigh

Author, Speaker, Coach

Mandy Leigh is a certified Transformation Coach, with a focus on trauma recovery, based in northeastern Pennsylvania. She brings a unique approach to healing by combining the power of the supernatural with holistic healing methods and techniques to bring lasting relief and freedom. Mandy Leigh has received training in Biblical Counseling, Psychology, Inner Healing and Deliverance through a wide variety of sources, including Northland Baptist Bible College, Liberty University and Restored To Freedom. She serves on multiple inner healing and deliverance teams, including Deeper Still, a nationwide non-profit organization ministering to men and women that suffer from the soul wound of abortion. She also serves on the board of F.R.E.E., a non-profit organization focusing on bringing healing and restoration to sexually exploited women and raising awareness for human trafficking. She is also a certified coach for Kingdom Builders Academy, an online academy focused on equipping the next generation of Kingdom minded entrepreneurs. In this role, she teaches new students how to build their business and brand in the same way that she has successfully built her own business and brand. She has appeared on multiple episodes of The Kingdom View, a globally broadcasted television show on the Now Network and a repeating guest on the popular radio show, Conversations That Make A Difference with Teresa Velardi. She is a published author, speaker and coach and the founder of Scarlet Cord Ministries. 


Mandy Leigh has overcome many traumatic life events through the power of The Holy Spirit and applying the same techniques she teaches to her clients. Her story includes overcoming abuse, sex trafficking, addiction, divorce and mental health disorders. She walks side by side with her clients, guiding them through the supernatural healing journey on the spirit, mind and body levels. She meets you right where you are and shines the light of truth into your dark spaces and holds your hand every step of the way as you climb upwards. Mandy Leigh has a passion for her clients and their freedom and combines that passion with prophetic wisdom from the heart of God in order to pull you from darkness to light. 


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Dani Adams

Worship Leader

Dani has been leading worship for the past 18 years. She is a graduate of Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry and served on their worship team and currently is serving with Oasis, TX. She carries an anointing of joy and has a passion to see others encountering Love and experience true freedom.